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November 13, 2006

Mightier than the Mighty Voltron

VoltronBehold! The countless incarnations of the dissertation!
What you see before you is a snap shot of my drafts stacks. The upper-most block represents the dissertation in its final form. The pulpy tower swaying below it contains all of the extant printed drafts that I submitted to my director and colleagues. There might be a stray secondary source or two in there, and it looks like some random pieces of paper might have gotten absorbed by the stack (probably some important form that I was supposed to turn in at some point). You can see that the dissertation effectively dwarfs even the Defender of the Universe himself who looks about ready to use the Blazing Sword on that academic robeast. Just to give you a sense of how tall Voltron is, there's a 3.75" Cobra Commander waving a Walter P.38 over by the Yellow lion. Astute observers will note that I mistakenly switched the yellow and blue modules. Fortunately, assembling Voltron in the proper order was not part of the dissertation defense.

Anyway, I still haven't turned the final draft in yet, so technically speaking, I'm still an active Catholic Terp for at least another month.

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