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November 06, 2006

I Don't Trust Numbers

So, I don't know who to believe when I read things about who is ahead in the polls for the elections. On one hand, it seems to me like most news media wants the nation to think that the majority is in favor of leftist politics in order to invigorate the left. Why would anyone go to vote if they thought their party was doomed to failure? By telling the left that it is on the road to victory, it might stimulate otherwise pessimistic people to vote. On the other hand, by telling the left that it is a shoe-in, the media might be inadvertantly reinforcing complacency in the left. If so many other liberals are already voting for Democrats that it seems like a landslide, then why bother voting? Worse yet (for the left), the attempt to demoralize the right might backfire for the liberal media. The intent might be to rally the left and depress the right, but it might actually be doing more to invigorate the right and undermine the will to power of the left. For instance, I am, by nature, a fairly lazy voter. But I'm making sure that I stroll down to the polls tomorrow to throw my gage down in favor of life issues...merely because the news media has so scared me into thinking that the left might rise to power. And, of course, life issues opens up another can of worms...that is, if the left really wanted to win some votes from the right, they'd shut up about the war and start putting some more pro-lifers on their ticket.

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