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August 28, 2006

The spiritual significance of tarantulas

Every once in a while I have to sneak a peek at the referrer logs to see what goofy things we are at the top of Google's list for.  It is equally amusing that people search for these things and that their searches brought them to us.  This week it's:  "What is the spiritual significance of tarantulas" and "Beaver attacks."  I note with some amusement that we place well for "Jesuit Jokes," too, even though we don't tell that many.  Maybe with a determined effort we could move up in the ranks.

But I really must take my hat off to Eve Tushnet, who always seems to have the best.  Malign Fiesta.  Ecstasy shark.  Inspirational story vulture.  That's great.

I really don't know, by the way.  Maybe if you found a priest who's also an entomologist.

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The spiritual significance of tarantulas???

Wow. A great subject for meditation...

How can this NOT make me think of Chesterton!

"I would undertake to pick up any topic at random, from pork to pyrotechnics, and show that it illustrates the truth of the only true philosophy; so realistic is the remark that all roads lead to Rome."

And the famous quip of "Sunday" leaps to mind:

"...who am I to quarrel with the wild fruits upon the Tree of Life?"

OK, then again, I doubt there is anything whatsover one could post which would NOT make me think of Chesterton.

Hee hee.

Posted by: DoctorThursday | Aug 28, 2006 9:32:49 PM

I had more to say, and said it here: http://francesblogg.blogspot.com/2006/08/asking-god-questions-game-of-sorts.html

And "inspirational story vulture"? What a phrase!

Pious literature for (or by) scavenger birds!

It is a new springtime! (hee hee)

Posted by: DoctorThursday | Aug 28, 2006 9:58:01 PM

Well, according to Wikipedia, the tarantula is a spider in the family of theraphosidae, which they translate as something like "light beast" (assuming Stephen Colbert hasn't edited the entry, yet). God is Light, therefore, the tarantula is virtually a God Beast. Also, the tarantula has twelve subfamilies, which is practically apostolic.
The tarantula mating ritual is decidedly not in step with Catholic moral theology, but it may be worth considering that it is extremely dangerous, and (at least from the description) doesn't seem all that enjoyable for the little guys. On one hand, the seemingly intentional nature of the act might speak to the seriousness of reproduction. On the other hand, it rather makes you appreciate the gift of human sexuality a little more.
So there's my take on the spiritual significance of the tarantula.

Posted by: Peter Terp | Aug 28, 2006 10:51:54 PM

Don't tarantulas (tarantulae?) have two body segments, which remind us of the dual natures of Christ? Also, a tarantula has eight legs, and St. Paul (by some countings) wrote to eight different churches. Also, according to some reports (http://library.thinkquest.org/C007974/3_2tar.htm), tarantula venom maybe able to be used to treat brain tumors and heart attack victims. So, depending on your current condition, the venom would either save your life or cause you great harm. Sounds representative of the Eucharist - if you don't mind a bit of a stretch.

Posted by: Mike | Sep 2, 2006 8:38:37 AM

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