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August 30, 2006

Ooops...I created life this weekend, again...

In order to help me be more civically engaged, Isabel dropped off today's Diamondbarf at my apartment.

The headline: "Plan B's popularity skyrockets." Apparently the abortion pill will be doing very well at the next student government elections. Among the uplifting thoughts in this article:

Sexual health coordinator for the Health Center Tara Torchia said "there are more educated people on a college campus and they have more access to the emergency contraceptive pill

I'm assuming her quote ends there, since the editors forgot to include closing quotation marks, but what I really want to know is why, if these people are so educated, they are so dumb as to get pregnant when they don't want to be pregnant...apparently on a repeated basis.

But don't worry, the Health Center isn't trying to push pills on our young girls. Health Center physician Dr. Shelley Parr explains

"We do see some women who use it frequently, and we try to counsel them to use more effective methods of birth control rather than relying on Plan B."

(Did she just suggest that Plan B might not be as effective as other contraceptives?)

The health center offers counseling when a woman requests an additional prescription for the drug in a short amount of timem such as three times in six months, Parr said. Anytime students go through the health center for prescription birth control, Parr said they are encouraged to participate in a "contraceptive education" session where they watch a video about the various forms of birth control, Parr said.

I like how they let us know "Parr said" twice in the very same sentence (three times in two sentences), just in case we had forgotten who they were paraphrasing (really it should be more like "Parr roughly said"). So education is "offered" and "encouraged" but not a prerequisite. I wonder how many girls in a state of pregnancy panic volunteer are eager to watch a video about contraceptives. And who stars in it? 

Next up in the article, we have a brilliant quote from Melinda Chateauvert "who teaches Gender, Sexuality and the Black Family:"

this not [sic] necessarily an indication that students are sexually irresponsible..."What it does mean is that we have more women taking precautions...It's available widely in Europe without prescription and without an age limit, and we haven't seen ill social effects."

No, nothing irresponsible about having had unsafe sex and needing the morning after pill...multiple times a year. And since when do we use Europe as a standard for social normalcy? Europe is so far gone socially, I'm not sure we'd be able to tell if the Plan B pill was having an effect. It would be like trying to determine if a person about to die from ebola had a cold. (Note that I did not say an ebola victim.)

But the award for ill-thought quotation goes to the following:

"I think it's a great thing," Chipkin said. "If people have accidents, especially on a college campus where a lot of this happens on a Saturday or a Sunday...having Plan B is crucial."

If people have accidents? You can almost hear the gum-smacking in her voice.

We're talking about the origins of life, not incontinence.
If you have accidents, wear a diaper.

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It's a different kind of incontinence...

Perhaps Prof. Chateauvert is presuming that the cause could be hundreds upon hundreds of forcible rapes every day on campus.

One wonders what you would have to do for them to consider you "irresponsible." Maybe "sexual responsibility" is like "civic duty."

Posted by: Thomas | Aug 31, 2006 10:59:33 AM

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