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April 27, 2006


Sometimes I think I feel too free to pick on Peter when he posts something, especially since he's so courteous to me.  But the latest posts have recalled an interesting if frustrating part of contemporary Catholic life to my mind: the so-called "generation gap."

I have found that many people on both sides of it don't understand the others and so end up wasting their time hassling each other or taking offense where none was intended to be given.  Often enough, older people can forget that young people might legitimately think and act differently than them, and young people forget that people who are set in their ways don't necessarily change their outlook to fit the latest developments of things. 

I don't mean to give a blanket excuse to people with bad or mistaken agendas on the other side of it, but I have found (in some cases the hard way, others the easy way) that if you understand something about the people on the other side of it, you can avoid needless and unhelpful conflicts (or at least pick your battles) and focus on the real problems.  I am not an expert, but how about we talk about it some?  Probably most of the people reading this are going to be younger people like me, so this will probably be more along the lines of telling my fellow young people what I have found out about people my father's age.  We then don't necessarily have to agree that their way is the best way to do things, nor they ours, but we should each become aware of the legitimate differences and attempt to remedy our own errors and shortcomings, hopefully combining the strengths of both.

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