August 19, 2007

Well Her Expertise is Vampires...

Anne Rice endorses Hillary Clinton.

My list of grievances
1. There's no way Peter would give her better than a C- is she were to turn this in for an ENGL 101 paper.
2. Blogs are nice in that they can be personal, and off-the-cuff, but logic is nicer. Logic supported by evidence is better.
3. This line: "the Democratic Party best reflects the values I hold based on the Gospels. Those values are most intensely expressed for me in the Gospel of Matthew, but they are expressed in all the gospels. Those values involve feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison, and above all, loving one’s neighbors and loving one’s enemies." is tired. Jesus was in fact addressing individuals about what those individuals should do. If Hillary Clinton as a Senator votes for a policy that gives food to the poor or as President signs such a bill into law, she did not in fact feed the poor. The money that is spent on government policies is NOT the politicians' personal money. Taking money by threat to fund a federal program is nowhere in the gospels. In fact Jesus didn't really care all that much about what the government did. He cared about individuals. This is somewhat related to the fallacy of those who are overly concerned about government that society equals government. It does not. Society can and does feed millions of needy without government coercion.
4. Does she realize that the DNC says, "Choice is a fundamental, constitutional right. (Aug 2000)"

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